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practice exams

The coverage of topics on these practice exams will not necessarily match up with what is actually covered on exam n in a given semester. See the syllabus for the actual list of topics for each exam.

Practice exam 1, ch. 0-22

Practice exam 2, ch. 0-26

Practice exam 3, ch. 0-31

Practice exam 4

You can buy the books from the FC Bookstore, or download them for free from this web site. You'll need the second volume of Light and Matter, plus the lab manual. I'm the author of the book. I do not receive any royalty from sales of the book. You can choose to download the book for free and print it yourself, but you typically don't save any significant amount of money that way, and what you get is a big, thick, unbound stack of single-sided output.


Web-based app to help with problem 21-39

codes for comments on lab writeups

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data analysis for exercise 32B