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Liberté, by Gretchen Angelo, is a first-year college French textbook with a true communicative approach. It has been adopted by instructors at over thirty colleges and high schools (partial list below). The textbook may be downloaded for free in accordance with the license, or printed copies can be ordered. Please contact me for information on printed copies or requests for audio. Note that audio is available only to institutions adopting the text; I am sorry, but I do not currently supply them to homeschoolers or individual learners, as I simply get too many requests and cannot answer them all.

The text can be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat format, and is freely available under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

To get the student copy of the book, click (or right-click, depending on your computer) on one of the links below to download it and save it to disk. These are large Adobe Acrobat files (up to 11 Mb each), and may take some time to load if you have a slow connection. If you are a Cal State LA student, you can download just the (smaller) portion you need, but do not print it until the new version is uploaded for Fall 2016. You will need the free Adobe Reader software, which comes preinstalled on most computers.

Note: 2017-18 version will be uploaded and links to Lulu printed version posted around the end of July

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