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My name is Ben Crowell, and I teach physics at Fullerton College, a community college in southern California. I come fully equipped with a PhD in physics from Yale, but I more fondly remember my undergraduate years at UC Berkeley.

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If you're e-mailing about the instructors' materials, please note that the password for the encrypted materials (test bank and homework solutions) is only available if you're at an accredited school, you have adopted the book, and I can verify your e-mail address from the school's web site -- in your email, please provide the web address of the relevant page. Yes, I have had students try to trick me into sending them the password :-) Sorry, but I don't provide these materials to homeschoolers.

Before e-mailing for photo permissions, please read the licensing information on the copyright page of the pdf version of the book, and check the photo credits in the back of the book.

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I don't send bulk email, and I don't send marketing email. If you send me mail, I will not share your email address with any third party. If you're a teacher informing me that you've adopted my books, then by default I will list your name, with a link to your school's web site, on my site, but I will not give out your email address. If you don't want your name listed, let me know. If you adopt my books, then I may send you email from time to time, e.g., to let you know when a substantially different edition is coming out. If you don't want to get that type of email, let me know.

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