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Adoptions of Light and Matter

Colleges and Universities
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Adoptions of Mechanics

Colleges and Universities
High Schools

Adoptions of Simple Nature

Adoptions of Special Relativity

Adoptions of Conceptual Physics

Adoptions of Discover Physics

Within each section above, schools are listed in reverse chronological order of adoption. Since the books are free, I don't necessarily find out when someone stops using the books, so as you go down each list, the chance that the school is no longer using them gets higher. If you happen to know that one of these listings is out of date, please let me know.

Alignment with California Standards

Light and Matter is aligned with California state content standards for high school physics (pdf), and is one of 18 texts listed by the California Free Digital Textbook Initiative for use in public high schools.

LaTeX Source Code

The books were written using LaTeX, plus a bunch of custom scripts. If all you want to do is read the books, you don't need to bother with any of this; each book is available as a PDF file from its own web page. The LaTeX source code, illustrations, and scripts are all publicly available here. The total size of the download is about 160 Mb. As an alternative to downloading the whole thing, you can look through the source code in a web browser here. The scripts are written to run on Unix; they might work on MacOS X, but I haven't tried. Licensing information is given on the copyright page of the PDF version of each book, and also in the photo credits section in the back.

To download the source code, you need to install free software called Git, e.g., by doing sudo apt-get install git on Ubuntu Linux. Then do this from a terminal window:

        git clone git://

This will create a subdirectory physics inside your current working directory, and then download everything into that subdirectory. The README file has instructions for compiling the book in LaTeX.